DID YOU KNOW that it’s no longer legal to allow your pets to roam at large and that pets must be leashed or confined to your property?  The Sandoval County Animal Control Ordinance also requires all dogs and cats to have current vaccinations for rabies.  If your pet bites a person or animal, it will require that your pet be quarantined for 10 days at your expense. As a pet owner you could civilly be liable for damages. 

In 2002, the Sandoval County Commission enacted Ordinance 02-02-21.B, the Sandoval County Animal Control Ordinance.  The Sheriff’s Office is continuously educating the residents of Sandoval County about the Animal Control Ordinance and New Mexico State Law. 

Violations of the Sandoval County Animal Control Ordinance or State Law could result in the impoundment of animals, a misdemeanor citation or even arrest with fines up to $300.  Copies of the Animal Control Ordinance may be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office or on this website. 

Concerns regarding this ordinance please contact Animal Control Officer Lawrence Tafoya or Bryan Frank at 505-867-7526 or 505-891-7226.

All animals impounded by the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division are taken to the following:

Watermelon Mountain Ranch
For animal control issues in rural, unincorporated areas of Sandoval County call 867-4581
If you live in the following municipalities call:
Bernalillo        867-2304
Rio Rancho  

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